Steppe Buzzard Released in Conservancy


 Members from the conservancy had the honor of releasing a Steppe Buzzard at the Arboretum.

It had been mauled by dogs and was treated by the local vet Dr Brenda Schlachter Daleside Veterinary Clinic. This bird made a miraculous recovery and was able to be released.

Seeing the Buzzard fly off into the distance was an emotional and heart warming experience for all involved.

This is what the Conservancy strives for and we hope to make it a regular occurrence by linking with FreeMe

While on our way to the release site,we came across a magnificent puff adder crossing the road, these are notoriously shy  and not often seen so it was also an exciting event.

If you find a wild animal in need please contact someone from Thorntree Conservancy or your local vet. Keeping our wild animals in the wild is something that will benefit everyone in the area.

How many people can still say that they saw a Puff Adder, Eagle, Duiker etc in their area?

A special thanks to Lorentz Weisenbacher our local Conservancy Conservation Officer and Brenda for all their assistance with the release










Conservancy Members Honoured




Craig Howes Lorenz Weisenbacher  Jay Kaufmann Mark Hughes and the Community Police De Deur


Fire Protection Association members and Community Police Save our Koppie

 For our wildlife



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