The management of the rubbish dump in Plantation Road affects all the residents of Walker’s Fruit Farms. This is the only "legitimate" place where household waste can be disposed of

Several meetings, dealing with issues pertaining to the dumpsite; such as land ownership, safety, management and alternatives; have been held. Officials from the Department of Forestry and Water Affairs, Local Council members and residents are trying to find a solution to the problem through government channels -what are YOU doing. You Can Make A Difference

Firstly, what is pollution?

Pollution takes place when there is an increase in the presence of substances (e.g.. smoke. litter. chemicals). in the environment. These substances, or pollutants, are harmful to humans. plants and animals. Nature has its own cycles for disposing of waste materials, but when these cycles become overloaded, they can no longer work.


Why are pollutants a problem'

Pollutants are now found everywhere in the world. Even in remote areas, they are unsightly, cause disease and death. Kill or poison animals and plants that we eat, contaminate our groundwater and destroy the Earth's natural life-sustaining cycles.

What can we do?

We can reduce the amount of pollutants that we release into the environment by practicing the three R's -Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. We can organize action groups to clean up and monitor illegal dumping, we can all take action for a healthier environment by practicing the three R's. We can teach those who don't know better and set a good example for others to follow, the problems of pollution can be solved -many other communities and countries are working towards a cleaner environment. We can too!



Reducing the amount of rubbish we bring home is the first step in winning the war against waste.

Many supermarkets sell loose fruit and vegetables. If you choose as many as you need and put them in the thin plastic

Bags provided, you get the quality you want, not someone else's choice; you pay less per kilogram and there is no Clingfilm, or used polystyrene trays, to throw away.

Don't buy lots and lots of cheap toys; they are of inferior quality and will soon break, get thrown away and have to be replaced. Save your money and the environment by buying a few toys of high quality that will last or which can be re- paired.

Instead of buying ten 100g. Tins of food, or whatever, buy one tin of 1kg. And freeze the rest in 100g. Portions if that is what you need. That way, you save money by buying in bulk, and only one tin needs to be discarded, or better, re- Used or recycled.


Why go out to buy glass jars for storing jam, etc.? Instead of recycling a used peanut butter jar, wash it and soak of the label. Used tins can act as pots for seedlings, bread bags instead of bought bags. Use your imagination!


It is really not difficult and can benefit not only the environment, but you and the Conservancy too. If Thorntree can supply a viable amount of clean, sorted waste to various recycling companies in the Vaal Triangle, we will be able to seal a contract whereby the Conservancy benefits financially from the recyclable waste we supply. That money can then be used to improve our area, instead of blowing around as litter on the Common, lying next to the road as an eyesore or poisoning our groundwater, livestock, game and birds.

Three Easy   steps for a Cleaner environment

1 Rinse out plastic and glass bottles, tins and other used, recyclable materials.

2 .Sort (tins in one bag, bottles in one bag, paper, plastic and other recyclables, all separate and relatively clean).

3. You can also recycle your feedbags by donating them to our recycling project!

Phone Ivan 0845902312 or E-mail to arrange to drop off the bags.

Many schools. Retirement villages. After-care centres. Hospitals. Etc. will be very happy to have old magazines. egg boxes, and so forth, for craft projects. EDUCATIONAL RECYCLING

Ask the teachers matrons what they need and reduce the amount of waste going into the dump '